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Ideal for a quick, personal prerolled joint, our 70mm pre-rolled Dogwalker cone, or mini cone, is perfect for crafting 0.25-0.35-gram mini pre-rolls, depending on particle size and moisture levels. Despite their smaller size, the standard 26mm filter offers ample room to hold these cones, making them a favorite among pre-roll smokers seeking a swift break, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Crafted from the finest, ultra-thin European rolling paper, these refined, white mini cones ensure a flavor-free experience, allowing the pure taste of your flower to shine through. Their transparency guarantees even and smooth burning. Their size also makes them perfect for multi-pack pre-roll joint packs in various packaging options. As always, our pre-rolled paper cones undergo rigorous lab testing to meet industry standards, with compliance documents readily available upon request.

Custom 70mm Dogwalker Pre-Rolled Cones - Refined White [1000 Cones per Box]

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