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Perfect for a quick, personal smoke, our 70mm pre-rolled organic hemp Dogwalker cone, or mini cone, is ideal for crafting 0.25-0.35-gram mini joints. These personal-sized organic hemp cones gained popularity during the pandemic and remain a favorite among quick-smoke enthusiasts. Despite their smaller size, the standard 26mm filter provides ample room to hold these cones. Crafted from 100% Ultra-Fine European hemp rolling paper sourced sustainably and organically grown, these cones boast a light tan color and ultra-thin texture, ensuring your flower remains the focal point. While slightly less transparent, our hemp rolling paper lends a natural look, making your pre-roll cones stand out. For custom branding, our Pre-Roll Experts can assist, although hemp rolling paper is less transparent for custom printing on the filter tip compared to other options.

Custom 70mm Dogwalker Pre-Rolled Cones - Organic Hemp [1000 Cones per Box]

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