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Our 109mm pre-rolled cones are ideal for 1 gram pre-rolls, yet some manufacturers manage to accommodate up to 1.25 grams in these king-sized cones. Crafted from ultra-thin European rolling paper, our refined white cones offer a tasteless experience, allowing your customers to savor the pure flavor of your flower. Designed for even and smooth burning, our cones boast transparency due to their exceptionally thin paper. Despite common misconceptions, our refined white cones achieve their color without bleaching; instead, the wood pulp undergoes thorough cleaning and refining, resulting in nearly pure plant fiber with no additives or bleaching agents necessary. Each cone undergoes rigorous industry-standard testing, and we maintain comprehensive compliance documentation for your convenience. Additionally, our cones are meticulously rolled to meet industry specifications, ensuring seamless compatibility with your filling machines.

109mm Pre-Rolled Cones - Organic Hemp [1000 Cones per Box]

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