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We Are LAF

Solar Panels on Factory Building

Welcome to LAF Cones! We're all about mixing innovation with caring for the environment. Based in Los Angeles with a high-tech factory in Lebanon, we're leading the way in making cones. We've changed the game by automating cone making, which keeps quality high and costs down. Instead of just working with big suppliers, we're teaming up directly with brands, making top-notch cones more accessible and boosting profits for our partners.

We're all about quality at LAF Cones. We use only the best European papers, tested rigorously to make sure they're consistent, pure, and perform well. This means every cone delivers a smooth and consistent smoking experience. Our commitment to using top-notch materials sets us apart, showing how dedicated we are to giving customers the best quality and satisfaction.

What makes us unique is how much we care about the environment. We're the first to use fully automated cone machines, which are super efficient and have patents pending to protect our technology. Plus, our factory is the only one in the cone industry that's carbon-neutral. It runs entirely on solar power, showing our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting renewable energy.

At LAF Cones, we're not just revolutionizing the pre-rolled cone industry; we're reshaping the future of sustainable manufacturing. Join us in our mission to craft a greener, more efficient world, one cone at a time.

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